Our Basic Concept

March 11th 2011 - the day that turned Japan upside down. Since that day, we as Global Mission Japan have been forced to re-think how we ought to be. A linkage transcending every possible gap - races, borders, cultures, geographical distances - was birthed. We realized afresh that we are linked with people of the world; people who shared the pain of Fukushima people. We witnessed the miracle of unity amongst the people from all over the world for one purpose, a common mission: to be a help for the afflicted. We were deeply moved. Our name is loaded with the heart of love of those who came to us and are still thinking of and praying for Japan.

Defining Our Regional Issues

Our Activities

Genuine recovery from the Triple Disaster in Fukushima - the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear power plant meltdown - is far from being completed. Challenges in the afflicted area are multifaceted and problems are yet mountainous. In the midst of it all, we lay out various activities, coming alongside individual victims. The theme for our support operations is: "Fukushima Alive! Come, Join, Shine!" We desire to create opportunities for interaction amongst the returnees, the evacuees and the local people. Through experience-based activities, we intend to contribute to raising the standard of Restoration.
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To Know Fukushima's Today
Starting with Fukushima, Global Mission Japan has beewn challenging the enormous task of resolving regional issues in disaster-stricken areas. We also desire to tackle disaster relief work in any part of the world. In order for us to continue the current work or to start new projects, we need your support. "I want to be a help." "I want to help but don't know how." If it is you, we will be honored to assist you to put your heart to action. In that way, you will help us. Thank you for your help.
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Outline of Organization

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Outline of Organization

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